About Us

About Highsity

          Founded on October 1, 2019, is an online home gardening store under Beijing Yiming Technology Co., Ltd. Enterprise registration code: 91110117MA01XCJM14. The company registration time is November 19, 2020. This is an online home furnishing store focusing on customer life experience. It has thousands of different types of household products, mainly garden lighting, gardening tools, garden decorations and garden seeds. We are also constantly developing new products. We have a complete supplier system and after-sales service, Our goal has always been to provide our customers with amazing high-quality fashion products at solid prices. Highsity offers trendy styles, avant-garde and innovative designs, and provides truly first-class professional services.

Our philosophy

         We are dedicated to delivering high-quality light products to you. That will make your home and garden looks beautiful and make you feel best.

Company Information

Company Name: Beijing Yiming Technology Co., Ltd.
Unified social credit code: 91110117MA01XCJM14
Address: 20463, No. 83, Magezhuang South Street, Xiagezhuang Town, Pinggu District, Beijing (cluster registration)
Date of establishment: 2020-11-19
Postal code: 101200
Our e-mail: highsity@protonmail.com
Telephone : (650) 420-5553